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Anyone know the diameter of the oil seals used on Toyota W58 gearbox?

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    Anyone know the diameter of the oil seals used on Toyota W58 gearbox?

    Hi all,

    I have a W58 gearbox here that has been sitting for a long time, would like to replace the oil seals on the input and output shaft whilst the gearbox isn't fitted to vehicle. They might be ok but don't really want to risk it.

    Anyone happen to have the ID and OD of the seals so I can try and source them?


    In theory
    Front seal...90311-30014
    30ID 45OD 8 Thick

    Rear seal ... 90311-38032
    38ID 58OD 11 thick

    Location Perth Western Australia


      Ok thanks for those measurments, would the best place to source these from be a bearing shop?


        Yep bearing shop will have them - I needed an output shaft seal on a W50 at 2am last year and the first bloke I got out of bed had one... If not, Smithfield Diff and Gear in Sydney will be able to send them to you, they just rebuilt another W50 for me with no issues getting seals and bearings
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          Ended up getting these pretty easily from a local bearing shop, they had to be ordered in but no big deal.

          I got asked if a rubber seal could be substituted for a metal seal. The rear seal was metal and the front rubber.

          That is just what I pulled out of my box, whether they were correct in the first place who knows. I just got the same as what was there.