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Fittings for high vibration environments (offroad) speedflow or brass barbs?

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    Fittings for high vibration environments (offroad) speedflow or brass barbs?

    Hi All,

    doing a diesel fuel system for an offroader that will see a lot of ruts in its life. its 12mm low pressure hose and i need to get it into a 1/4 NPT fitting for a filter assembly. I may well be over thinking this.

    options are
    - brass 1/4"NPT to 12mm hose barb with a clamp (which is turning out to be impossible to find)
    - speedflow 1/4"NPT to male -8 taper then -8 female taper to 12mm hose barb with a clamp

    in aircraft and shit they always seem to lockwire the AN fittings. do they ever come loose? or does Aluminium thread gall enough to hold? i guess the other option is a dab of loctite on the speedflow taper joint threads.


    They don't gal at all in my experience, I have never seen an issue, there is a few guys that work on these all the time, Allan's engineering in malalla tune some and also Troy from TeeZee tuning does them, U could ask them.

    I would suggest you are overthinking and just put on dash fitting and move on.
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        Yeah, go with some sort of steel product.
        JIC/AN fittings dont come loose with vibration either.


          From memory a couple of the Adelaide guys who ran big offroad rigs were using stainless JIC fittings rather than alloy AN ones.
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