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    Every OEM scissor jack I've seen has been setup to put the weight on the sill, not the seam. But that's only Toyota stuff, maybe other manufacturers do it differently?


      Yeah, the base of the seam on either side of it, and I've never thought about 'til GSRman said it but the seam is probably being used to ensure correct location.

      I was going to say I've seen jacks that have sexual relations with a hole in the underside of the car, but they've all been windy-handle ones not scissor ones.

      There were some 20mm-deep-slot rubber pucks on eBay the other day when I checked.
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        so the answer to the question - more complicated than expected if I'm honest.

        Falcon - definitely bottom of the seam is loaded against the bottom of the slot in the jack - starting to lift the car you could still put your fingers over the top of the jack flats.

        Click image for larger version

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        Camry... Inside of the jack flat rests on a flat section that is taking all the force - the seam is thin and doesn't contact the bottom of the groove on the jack at all - nor does the outside... if you put upward pressure on the outside you are gonna have a bad day - that said, when the camry has been on the hoist i put the pad under that square section with the suspension arm mount on the left side of the photo.

        Click image for larger version

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        This is a post i wrote by mistake, which is nice...


          Don't forget most rubber blocks for hoist sills are a good 100mm long. That's a f load more surface area than the little 30/40mm scissor Jack head. Don't over think it.
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