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    You can also get these in a 235/40/18

    Been reading up a bit since HSV are rubbing one out saying they are the only car in the world to come stock with them

    Apparently they are a couple of sec a lap quicker than R888's, but isn't everything

    That said road legal

    Who knows how many gold bars they cost


      60 treadwear. Open ur wallet.
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        Cool so they are $5 and a bunch of eftpos receipts


          Thats just stupid, there are cars with far more performance demands than an HSV and they dont need to run factory r-comps lasting 4 months

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          I feel that rules are important as without rules there is no cheating and cheating is a vital part of drag racing.
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          What has happened to PF? It seems to be diesel love now days. Maybe the name should be changed to Particulate Forums.


            HSVs are like an IQ test. If you buy one, you failed.


              Come in a 205/50/15 surprisingly!
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                So I had held off replacing my tyres (car doesn't go far anyway) as I was going to replace the wheels but both types of rims I wanted are no longer manufactured and the BBS CH-R that were my 3rd choice have some difficult offsets for my car. So I think I will just stay with the standard wheels for now. Jax have specials on the two choices I was looking at (if you buy 4 tyres):

                Michelin Pilot Sport 4 - $800

                Bridgestone RE003 - $686

                Both really well priced so no problem if I end up getting bigger wheels in the near future anyway but any further feedback before I pull the trigger?


                  I hear a lot more people rave about Michelin Pilot Sports than Bridgestone RE003.

                  Or am I thinking of Pilot Super Sport? Super Sport sounds more familiar...
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                  People must assume you are some sort of drug dealer with all these nice cars turning up to a fibro home


                    Originally posted by Jack Nicholson View Post
                    I hear a lot more people rave about Michelin Pilot Sports than Bridgestone RE003.

                    Or am I thinking of Pilot Super Sport? Super Sport sounds more familiar...
                    Pilot Super Sport are the ones people rave about, not available in my cars size but reports on the web (and a poster from earlier in the thread) suggest the Pilot Sport 4 is as good. The replacement for the Super Sport is the Pilot Sport 4S but that's not available in my cars tyre size either. So the standard Pilot Sport 4 is my only option.

                    The MCM team do love the RE003 though :D


                      Have RE003's on the LS E46, rate them highly so far. Not so impressed with Sportcontact 5P's. For a tyre that costs as much as it does, it's too soft in the sidewall, had to run them way too hard to keep them from falling over. Might be ok in a lighter car, but I took the money savings and took a punt on the RE003's this time. 235/40R18's are just over $200 a tyre. That's a bargain, the Conti is a bit over $100 more.
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                      This happens every time one of these floozies starts poontangin' around with those show folk fags.


                        Just put RE003 on my Golf R. Great so far. Have had F1's for the past 4 sets on a few cars, and will be interesting to compare. I suspect they will be better than the F1's.


                          Latest 2017 UHP tyre tests from Europe, for their Summer, seem to be rating the PS4 as the best allround
                          tyre. Have a look at that one,
                          and also look at the other tests. Unfortunately the RE003 is not a "rated" tyre in Europe and misses out
                          on many of the tests.

                          We are selling a lot of the PS4s now, I have them on two of my cars, and they are a noticeable improvement
                          in noise and wet performance over the PS3s. We also sell a lot of RE003s and users seem to come back to
                          buy another set.

                          My ute has PS3 on the front in 235/40R18 and PSS on the rear in 265/35R18. This has been a great
                          combo for the past year, but will be replaced with PS4 when the time comes.

                          I personally think the PS4 is a good allround choice, and so is the RE003, but the
                          PS4 is quieter by far. Too new to have a personal idea on mileage though.

                          In the interest of full disclosure, I own a Jax store.
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                            Junior's mate ran RE003s on his S15 at WP last weekend, they seemed to go ok. I checked them on the durometer, 5 points harder than Nitto NT-01s (tread wear of 100) and 10 points harder than the Nankangs we are currently running, which have a treadwear of 80.


                              I have RE003s on my nopics car and I find them to be very good.


                                Thanks for the responses guys, I was heading straight for the Michelins but keep hearing a lot of good things about the RE003. I have Bridgestone S01 on the car now and dont rate them but also have Pilot Sport 3 on the Lexus and probably want a better tyre then that for the Monaro. I am really only interested in dry grip while having the tyres as quiet as possible, longevity and wet weather performance don't matter for how I use the car. So it does seem that the Michelins are still the better choice for me.