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Electric hydraulic power steering pump and speed control?

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    A lot of people run these in off road single seaters.


      Originally posted by goose View Post
      Fraud, the way at least the commodore power steering racks I've pulled apart work is that when there's no torque through the input shaft, the fluid flows freely through a bypass hole. So very little pressure.
      As you apply torque through the input shaft it starts closing the bypass hole (increasing pressure against the pump) and opening a hole connected to the hyrdaulic "ram" on the rack, which of course provides the assistance.
      That makes sense thanks!
      Originally posted by myshortyboomba
      I've had many gauges in cars. I always found the conrods react faster than a gauge.

      you can always hear them when they break and they stop the engine immediately so you can't do any more damage.


        Originally posted by Fraud View Post
        That makes sense thanks!
        Hence why i want to turn it off entirely when at speed.

        Interestingly i found that the power steering rack is a tighter ratio rack (lower turns lock to lock) than the manual one, which is probably why it feels pretty ok at highway speeds when depowered.
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          Can you do something like a pressure bleed off? Maybe the pressure on the pump relief valve can be made adjustable somehow?

          The commodore variable assistance racks use a PWM solenoid to bleed off pressure increasingly with speed.


            Just grind the pressure relief spring in the pump down at bit at a time.
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            Originally posted by Monza
            I've never considered myself the type of guy to eat arse but I am currently reviewing that policy


              Have seen guys using these before:


                I still do plan to make & sell my Toyota CANBUS based EPS controller sometime.
                It'll work with most, if not all, 2005+ Toyota EPS systems (including the 86).


                  Originally posted by MWP View Post
                  I still do plan to make & sell my Toyota CANBUS based EPS controller sometime.
                  It'll work with most, if not all, 2005+ Toyota EPS systems (including the 86).
                  When will that be???

                  Still running in limp mode on my setup and it seems to be running fine. Have not been able to beat it, even on tarmac and with tight hairpin corners.

                  Problem identified though.
                  If you lock a front wheel, and it is enough to stall the car, it interrupts the power supply to the power assist. This makes the steering very heavy (not a good thing when you are trying to conquer a slalom between big hay bales on a wet dirt road at speed and even on loose gravel). It also takes a while to identify it has power to it on start up.
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