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9/8 12:30pm- database i think is back but install is rooted. give me a bit to sort this all out. We will rebuild plastic chairs.jpg
8:21PM-sorry i have to take it down again to figure out why posts aren't appearing. Will figure it out asap
2:15PM-Impakt/Carlos the Jackal here you impatient pricks. I'm waiting on a few more database tables before I can continue. Please call back during office hours, etc.
11:38AM- Impakt has stepped up to take over and get this rectified. What a champ. Thanks to the others who also volunteered.
10:55AM- If anyone has the skills to take over this, please join the Discord and DM me. I won't be able to do much with PF over the next week, so this timing is proper shit.
10:30AM- Turns out the curveballs are because the database didn't restore the last couple of tables.. sigh.
7/8 10:05AM- Database restore is complete. Forum software is now throwing some curveballs. Unfortunately, I'm supposed to be travelling today (fuck you, China Flu) so I have very little time to diagnose right now. I'll do what I can when I can, but no ETA at this point.
6/8 07:55AM- Search tables continue restoring. There's probably the good part of a day or more in the rest of those alone based on current progress.
12:25PM- I spoke too soon and forgot all about the search tables. That's going to be a long process.
5/8 08:02AM- Work continues. Still going, albeit slowly. Currently it's working on the Private Messages table, so I have no doubt that will be reasonably large. I can't imagine there's many more big ones after this.
8:20PM- It's still working on another huge table once again. Currently at about 11 million-odd rows...
02:30PM- Everything still ticking along. Some huge tables here taking up most of the time in restoring, but it's still moving.
4/8 08:25AM- Database restore continues. We're past the point where it shit the bed yesterday now, so just the waiting game left to play (all things going well).
04:25PM- Well into it again now. Probably wouldn't bank on being back tonight at this rate..
01:45PM- Restore locked up. Hitting it with a hammer didn't fix it. Have to restart.
10:10AM- Still going. The posts table alone is up to 2.7GB. Remember, that's text only.
3/8 08:10AM- Glad I didn't stay up waiting for this to finish - we're still going on the restore. No idea why it's going so slow, but we're past the point of it being worth starting again now.
2/8 10:58PM- Some cunts hacked us, deleted the database and fucked off demanding bitcoin. They can get fucked. Backup being restored from 2/8 02:00.
Database has been restoring the last couple of hours but I need to get some sleep. Will finish it off in the morning with a board software update and we'll be good to go again with the bitching about mask Karens and Free Men.
- Cock Fist