04:25PM- Well into it again now. Probably wouldn't bank on being back tonight at this rate..
01:45PM- Restore locked up. Hitting it with a hammer didn't fix it. Have to restart.
10:10AM- Still going. The posts table alone is up to 2.7GB. Remember, that's text only.
3/8 08:10AM- Glad I didn't stay up waiting for this to finish - we're still going on the restore. No idea why it's going so slow, but we're past the point of it being worth starting again now.
2/8 10:58PM- Some cunts hacked us, deleted the database and fucked off demanding bitcoin. They can get fucked. Backup being restored from 2/8 02:00.
Database has been restoring the last couple of hours but I need to get some sleep. Will finish it off in the morning with a board software update and we'll be good to go again with the bitching about mask Karens and Free Men.
- Cock Fist